How to set up an account as a home seller:

How to set up an account as a home seller:

If you are represented by an agent, your agent can invite you by sending you an invite to access your account. Or you can create an account and attach your agent if you know their agent license ID. If you are not represented by an agent, you can still create an account and purchase Home Sale Legal Protection. 
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    • Can I invite a home seller to fill out their disclosure without purchasing Home Sale Legal Protection for them?

      All agents can send their sellers access to complete the disclosure form for free by clicking the "Invite New Seller" button on their agent dashboard. Fill out the form, then select a tier for Home Sale Legal Protection or click "No Protection" to ...
    • How to create an agent account:

      Creating an agent account 1. Go to 2. Choose your state 3. Type in your real estate license number (If you are a PA agent it will ask for your email address) 4. Choose a password
    • Home Sale Legal Protection

      What is Home Sale Legal Protection? Home Sale Legal Protection provides up to $75,000 of paid legal representation in the event of a buyer dispute after the sale of the home. Why is this important? Over 90% of post-sale claims are related to ...
    • How to purchase Home Sale Legal Protection:

      Home Sale Legal Protection can be purchased when completing the disclosure, however it can also be purchased at any time up until the closing date. Simply sign back into your dashboard using your email address and the password you chose during set ...
    • Why would a buyer make a claim against a seller?

      Home problems and issues with the disclosure are the most common causes. However, buyers can sue a seller for any reason, whether the claim is frivolous or not.