In the event of a claim, could I use my own attorney?

In the event of a claim, could I use my own attorney?

No, in the event of a claim Sellers Shield will select and appoint an accredited attorney on the seller’s behalf.
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    • What happens if there is a claim made after the sale?

      If Home Sale Legal Protection™ was purchased and there is a claim after the sale, Sellers Shield will appoint an experienced real estate attorney to defend the seller against a buyer dispute.
    • Will my insurance cover a claim?

      Most standard homeowners and umbrella insurance policies do not protect home sellers in the event of a home sale lawsuit. 
    • Why would a buyer make a claim against a seller?

      Home problems and issues with the disclosure are the most common causes. However, buyers can sue a seller for any reason, whether the claim is frivolous or not.
    • What is the cost of having my agents use Sellers Shield?

      There is no cost to you the broker or your agents to use the Smart Seller Tools™, unless you would like to become a Premium broker. Agents also have the ability to upgrade their accounts individually for $9.99 a month. This allows for additional ...
    • How to use Sellers Shield:

      The resources tab in your agent dashboard features a few short videos that you can watch that will show you a quick tutorial. For a more detailed tutorial, click on the link below to watch a webinar.  Webinar Link Please note the following webinar is ...