What does the Premium brokerage partnership entail?

What does the Premium brokerage partnership entail?

Agents that are under a Premium Brokerage will have the ability to include additional customization when sending the disclosure forms to their clients. 
Agents will be able to upload their headshot, which will be seen throughout the client experience. 

It also allows agents to send customized messages to their sellers in the invitation email that sellers receive. You can add a different message each time during the invitation process, or save a message as your default. 

Agents will also be able to put in a customized quote by going to your account settings and editing their profile - this will appear on the very first page home sellers are brought to when they access their account for the first time. 

Finally, the agent headshot will also appear on the home sellers dashboard.

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    • Do I have to sign a contract to launch my brokerage?

      The only time you would sign a contract is if you would like to be a Premium broker, otherwise there is no financial commitment to launch your brokerage. 
    • How to upgrade to a premium account:

      If you would like upgrade your account to a premium agent account, sign into Sellers Shield, click on your name on the upper right hand corner and choose account settings. Scroll down to "Account and billing information". The charge for a premium ...
    • How to become a Premium Agent / "Use your branding"

      Agents have the ability to upgrade their accounts and become a Premium Agent for $9.99 a month. This allows for the agent’s headshot to be seen by their clients throughout their experience.  It also allows agents to send customized messages to their ...
    • How do I get my brokerage started using Sellers Shield?

      To launch a brokerage, we need a brokerage logo, and an up to date agent roster with first and last names, email addresses, license IDs and phone numbers. Access emails can be sent out within 48 hours of receiving the agent roster. 
    • How to update your brokerage if you have recently changed:

      You will need a verification code from Sellers Shield to update your brokerage. Please contact Customer Support via the chat in your dashboard or by phone at 844-747-4435.